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Energy-Efficient Sump Pump Services in Midwestern Ontario

Keeping in mind the high electricity rates, Grubb & Gutscher offers energy-efficient battery backup pumps and primary sump pumps in Midwestern Ontario. Until now, three types of switches – vertical, tethered, and pressure – were used in sump pumps. However, all three switches were a failure. The Pro Series has eliminated these possible failures by implementing the two types of float/sensor technologies, the Ultimate Sensor and the Dual Micro Reed Float Switch.

Our state-of-the-art pumps are available with self-monitoring, self-cycling systems for worry-free use and care. We provide a wide range of pumps including:

Energy-efficient AC pumps

Battery backup sump pumps

Combination pumps 

Sewage pumps

Innovative switch technologies

Water alarms


Features of the Pro Series Primary Pumps

All PHCC Pro Series pumps feature high-performance, high-efficiency, fewer amps, and more. A complete series of primary pumps are built to run continuously 24-hours a day and seven days a week. The pumps of the Pro Series have:

Efficient permanent split capacitor motor

Double or triple seals depending on the model

Upper and lower ball bearings


Thermally protected

Removable strainer

20 power cords

Dynamically balanced cast iron impeller

Download our brochure, for further information about our sump pumps.

Rhino Wall Reinforcement

Get an ideal solution to repair poured concrete foundation walls.

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