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We Fix Leaky Basements…and More!!

Basement Waterproofing Specialists in Midwestern Ontario

Since 2005, Grubb & Gutscher has been providing various home improvement solutions including basement waterproofing, foundation repairs, and more. Call for free estimates.

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Authorized Basement Boss Dealer in Midwestern Ontario

Being an authorized Basement Boss dealer in Midwestern Ontario, you can expect a wide range of basement waterproofing solutions from Grubb & Gutscher. Damp areas on your basement walls or floors, and cracks on a concrete floor are a few symptoms of a larger moisture problem. Such a problem can damage your home, ruin the carpet, destroy furniture, wear away your foundation, and also lead to health problems for you and your family. From basement waterproofing to air ventilation system installations, we can do it all for you.

Why Choose Grubb & Gutscher?

Grubb & Gutscher is a dealer of Basement Boss. We have helped numerous customers in Midwestern Ontario with effective home improvement solutions. Our insured and licensed contractors are proficient in various types of exterior home repair. Be it services such as basement waterproofing, sump pump installations, or ventilation system maintenance, we offer satisfied and time-efficient services.

What You Can Expect from Us

 Prompt, friendly and professional service for your basement waterproofing issues

 An in-home consultation with a free estimate

 Complete hands-on supervision of your project from start to finish

 Fully insured and licensed contractors

Our Specialties

We do the following specialties:

 Basement waterproofing

 Foundation repair

 Sump pump installation

 Window wells

 Home ventilation systems

 Radon gas measurement

 Radon mitigation services

Our Vision

We have a strong commitment to customer service, quality workmanship and continuing education. We believe that our approach to business establishes accountability and trust. A name you can trust in South-western and Mid-western Ontario.

Promotions and Special Offers

Give us a call for an in-home consultation and a free estimate.

Professional Affiliations

Radon Testing Services

Our professionals can help you find your radon gas percent.

Radon Mitigation

E•Z Breathe Ventilation System

Hire us to get a cleaner environment for your home with a ventilation system.

Clean Air Solutions

Leaky Basement?

We can provide solutions to control water and excess moisture in your basement.

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