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Rhino Wall Reinforcement in Midwestern Ontario

Grubb & Gutscher provides effective Rhino wall reinforcement solutions around Midwestern Ontario. Rhino Carbon Fiber® is an ideal solution to repair poured concrete foundation walls. It can be used not only for bowing walls but also for all types of foundation cracks. When you hire us for concrete crack and wall repairs, we will supervise your project from start to finish. Our wide range of services includes:

Concrete crack repair: Rhino Carbon Fiber® is an advanced crack repair solution which can help you fix cracks in your poured foundation walls. Seek help from our experts to quickly install the crack repair product with a great finished look.

Corner wall repair: Rhino Carbon Fiber® is a system that structurally repairs and reinforces the corner of your foundation wall and prevents future cracks. The carbon fibre in this product will distribute the pressure horizontally to stabilize and prevent any future damage. 

Bowed wall repair: Rhino Carbon Fiber® is a strong wall repair system which can be used to fix your bowed foundation walls. Its quick and clean installation comes up with a limited lifetime warranty.

Call us today for an in-home consultation and a free estimate. Download our brochure to learn more about Rhino Carbon Fiber® products.

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