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Recycled Rubber Paving in Neustadt: Driveway and Walkway Resurfacing

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Enviro Paving

Do you have cracked cement or crumbling asphalt on your driveway, walkways and other areas around your home? At Grubb & Gutscher, we are an authorized franchise of Enviro Paving. Enviro Paving is a rubber paving product that rids your property of unsightly cracks in concrete or asphalt. If you are considering resurfacing, it provides a durable, slip-resistant surface that is environmentally friendly.

What Rubber is Paving?

Rubber paving is an environmentally friendly resurfacing product made of recycled tire crumb. It is specially formulated and combined with other materials to create a surface that is attractive, durable in weather extremes and slip-resistant. Enviro Paving products can be used to resurface your driveway, walkway, pool or patio areas. This material is a great alternative to asphalt or concrete. We serve clients throughout Midwestern Ontario for quality workmanship. We look forward to giving your property a whole new look. To learn more about the benefits of rubber paving, please call 1-800-206-6097 or send us an email at kevin@enviropaving.com.

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