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Enviro Paving

Is your driveway old and cracked?
Rubber Paving is the Solution. 
It gets rid of unsightly cracks in asphalt or concrete and provides an attractive and durable slip resistant surface.

What is Rubber Paving ?
Rubber Paving is comprised of recycled tire crumb that is specially formulated on our proprietary recycling lines, and combined with several additional elements to create strength, weather resistance and beauty for your home.

Enviropaving is a rubber paving product comprised 100% of recycled tire crumb. We can resurface your driveway, walkway, pool or patio areas providing an attractive and
durable slip resistant surface. A perfect solution to rid your concrete or asphalt of the unsightly cracks and give your property a new updated look.

We are excited about the expansion to our business and have been overwhelmed by the positive response so far at the Home & Garden shows we recently have participated in.

We are looking forward to our upcoming projects!

To learn more about the benefits of rubber paving, please call 1-800-206-6097 or send us an email
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8 Colours to choose from !!

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